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All Is Mary and Bright Mary McDonald
05:59 Learn More
Christmas at the Keyboard Mark Hayes
08:11 Learn More
Rejoice, the King Is Born! Lloyd Larson
05:28 Learn More
Espressivo Tom Fettke
05:36 Learn More
A Thousand Generations Jay Rouse
09:58 Learn More
Christmas Gifts from the Piano Pepper Choplin
06:26 Learn More
Lloyd Larson – The Comprehensive Collection Lloyd Larson
05:45 Learn More
I Surrender All David Schwoebel
13:31 Learn More
Play a New Song to the Lord John Turner, Lani Smith, Mark Hayes, Todd Beaney
05:12 Learn More
Some Cozy Christmas Piano Phil Larson
09:17 Learn More
I Come To Thee Brad Nix
07:13 Learn More
Carols for Keyboard John Innes
07:30 Learn More
The Spirit of Christmas Marianne Kim
06:23 Learn More
Artistry in Worship Victor Labenske
05:40 Learn More
Songs of Prayer and Hopefulness Anna Laura Page
07:48 Learn More
Grace Runs Deep Various
05:52 Learn More
Holy, Still, and Silent Sara Craig Elgersma, Tracey Craig McKibben
04:53 Learn More
Hymn Keys for Student and Teacher Molly Ijames
04:58 Learn More
Christmas Keys for Student and Teacher Molly Ijames
03:00 Learn More
My Hope Is Found Jason D Payne
10:38 Learn More
Mark Hayes: Hymns for Organ, Vol. 4 Mark Hayes, Marvin Gaspard
05:30 Learn More
I’m Gonna Sing André J. Thomas, Douglas E. Wagner
07:41 Learn More
He Is Born Lloyd Larson
12:15 Learn More
Messianic Longings Angela Kraft Cross
12:49 Learn More
Wonder and Praise David Lasky
07:35 Learn More
Sixty-Second Service Solutions for Organ Larry Shackley
04:11 Learn More
Spiritual Praises Unending Jason W. Krug
07:11 Learn More
Hymn Preludes and Postludes Robert Lau
06:29 Learn More
Gloria! Anna Laura Page
10:13 Learn More
Pick Up and Play for Fall and Winter Various
04:34 Learn More
Celebration! Mark Hayes
06:32 Learn More
Hymn Tunes Great and Small, Vol. 2 Lloyd Larson
04:08 Learn More
Wonderful Hymns of Life Mary McDonald
05:04 Learn More
Go and Tell It! Molly Ijames
05:31 Learn More
The Christmas Rose Jay Rouse
07:36 Learn More
Heavenly Hope Marilynn Ham
05:28 Learn More
Vast as the Ocean Tracey Craig McKibben
06:17 Learn More
God of Compassion Faye López
02:19 Learn More
Christmas Gems Stan Pethel
02:51 Learn More
Echoes of Mercy Matt Schinske
05:26 Learn More
Jazz Inspirations: Seasons Gary Norian
06:01 Learn More
Lord, Abide with Me Victor Labenske
04:53 Learn More
To Hear the Angels Sing Brenda Portman
05:14 Learn More
Music for Worship, Vol. 2 Dan Forrest, Douglas E Wagner
05:28 Learn More
This Bright Festive Day Michael Helman
05:52 Learn More
Exaltation Jeff Perks
07:16 Learn More

About Us The Lorenz Corporation

The Lorenz Corporation proudly serves as publishing home for many of today’s leading composers and music educators, releasing more than 500 products every year under a variety of imprints. Founded by the Lorenz family in 1890, we publish choral, keyboard, and instrumental music in support of many worship traditions, and choral music and general music teaching resources to foster a lifelong love of music.

Our Brands

Dedicated to serving today's church musicians, Lorenz publishes music and resources in support of many worship traditions and styles. You'll find a broad range of works in this extensive catalog, designed to facilitate your music ministry, no matter its size or scope.

Lillenas Publishing Company provides worship resources for the local church. Serving more than 50,000 churches around the world, Lillenas is one of the most powerful brands in Christian music. For more than eighty-five years, the company has provided a wide range of top quality, easy-to-use, current, and affordable music.

The Sacred Music Press provides distinguished choral and organ repertoire suitable for traditional and liturgical worship styles. Since 1963, The Sacred Music Press has been a source for music of impeccable craft and imagination that continues to be enjoyed by congregations and musicians alike.