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Sing It To Me! Kirby Shaw
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John Henry Andre J Thomas
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From Loch and Glen Ruth Elaine Schram
06:07 Learn More
Where Love Dwells Gerald Custer
03:55 Learn More
Cantate Domino Ruth Watson Henderson
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Nothing Gold Can Stay Timothy P. Cooper
04:09 Learn More
Set Me As a Seal Victor C Johnson
04:09 Learn More
Ten Songs of America Douglas E Wagner
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Down By the Salley Gardens Craig Courtney
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Sing Community, Sing Peace Mark Hayes
03:42 Learn More
It’s Good Enough for Me! Douglas E Wagner
02:11 Learn More
Omnia Sol Z Randall Stroope
04:27 Learn More
Beyond the Years Mark Patterson
04:17 Learn More
Pie Jesu Victor C. Johnson
02:35 Learn More
Song of Life Mark Hayes
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I Know a Bank Where the Wild Thyme Blows Richard Ewer
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All That I Am Michael Ryan
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Shenandoah Bryan Sharpe
03:33 Learn More
O Cool Is the Valley Jean Berger
04:27 Learn More
Press On Pepper Choplin
03:45 Learn More
Exsultate Deo Angela Kraft Cross
02:45 Learn More
Festival Sanctus Victor C Johnson
02:04 Learn More
Ocean of Light Carson Cooman
03:40 Learn More
Golden Slumbers Mark Burrows
02:56 Learn More
Within the Song Patti Drennan
02:51 Learn More
Three Operatic Highlights Russell Robinson
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I Want to Be Happy Larry Shackley, Vincent Youmans
04:23 Learn More
Goblin Feet Larry Shackley
02:44 Learn More
I Gave My Love a Cherry Victor C Johnson
02:51 Learn More
Dobrú Noc Victor C Johnson
02:21 Learn More
And None but Love Patrick Roszell
02:56 Learn More
Words from an Old Spanish Carol Douglas E Wagner
03:27 Learn More
Fight for Love Patti Drennan
03:26 Learn More
The Star-Spangled Banner Mary McDonald
05:00 Learn More
Cold Snap Mark Hayes
02:15 Learn More
Deck the Hall Mark Hayes
01:51 Learn More
Away Mark Burrows
04:02 Learn More
Antiphonal Gloria Marty Parks
01:39 Learn More
Mountain Christmas Amy F Bernon
03:42 Learn More
There Is Winter Enough Jean Berger
03:18 Learn More
Gonna Find that Baby Patti Drennan
02:26 Learn More
In Bethlehem, That Noble Place Patti Drennan
03:58 Learn More
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine Lloyd Pfautsch
03:12 Learn More
Terpsichore Dances! Amy F Bernon
02:29 Learn More
Cantate Domino Mark Hayes
02:36 Learn More
Cool Moon Richard A. Williamson
02:59 Learn More
Zum Gali Gali Greg Gilpin
01:32 Learn More
Seal Lullaby Douglas E Wagner
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The Rivers are Running Again Amy F Bernon
02:50 Learn More
Sheep May Graze Geoffrey Edwards, J. S. Bach
05:22 Learn More
O Nata Lux Richard Ewer
04:14 Learn More
In Paradisum Douglas E Wagner, Nadia Boulanger
02:05 Learn More
My True Love Hath My Heart Lloyd Pfautsch
02:13 Learn More
Where Am I Going? George L.O. Strid, Mary Donnelly
02:14 Learn More
Murasame Victor C Johnson
02:52 Learn More
Wayfarin’ Stranger Linda Spevacek
02:17 Learn More
An die Musik Franz Schubert, Geoffrey Edwards
02:11 Learn More
Proverb Jean Berger
01:46 Learn More
Joy to the World! Dan Forrest
03:14 Learn More
I See a Star Greg Gilpin
02:41 Learn More
Joy for Every Morning! Victor C Johnson
01:35 Learn More
Winter’s Heart Mark Hayes
03:18 Learn More
Men of Song, Sing Out! Douglas E Wagner
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Agnus Dei Victor C Johnson
02:20 Learn More
Hi! Ho! The Rattlin’ Bog Linda Spevacek
02:18 Learn More
Hold On to the Rock Pepper Choplin
03:17 Learn More
Pretty Saro Douglas E Wagner
02:58 Learn More
Singabahambayo Victor C Johnson
02:53 Learn More
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore! Russell Robinson
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Swingin’ with Santa C! Michael Ryan
01:45 Learn More
We Three (Swingin’) Kings Larry Shackley
03:10 Learn More
I See the You in You Mark Burrows
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If I Could Catch a Rainbow Brad Printz
03:13 Learn More
Dide ta Deo Mark Weston
02:04 Learn More
And Miles to Go Before I Sleep Michael Ryan
03:14 Learn More
Change the World! Erik Whitehill
02:05 Learn More
Siyahlabelela! Victor C Johnson
02:25 Learn More
Let Your Spirit Sing! Douglas E Wagner
05:31 Learn More
Sakura, Sakura Douglas E Wagner
02:18 Learn More
Music Is All We Need! Michael Ryan
02:16 Learn More
Banaha Russell Robinson
03:15 Learn More
Where’er You Walk Russell Robinson
04:02 Learn More
The Erie Canal Mark Hayes
03:05 Learn More
Listen to the Rain Stephen L Lawrence
04:35 Learn More
Ring-a Ring-a Ring Mark Weston
02:25 Learn More
It Must Be Christmas! Mark Hayes
02:41 Learn More
Lullay, Noel Becki Slagle Mayo
02:30 Learn More
My Winter Wish Greg Gilpin
02:06 Learn More
Gloria Geoffrey Edwards, Wenzel Müller
04:55 Learn More
Jingle, Jingle, Jingle Russell Robinson
02:16 Learn More
Exsultate Mark Burrows
02:24 Learn More
Dreaming Linda Spevacek
02:25 Learn More
Banuwa Yo Mark Weston
02:14 Learn More
One in Humanity Bryan Sharpe
02:31 Learn More
For the First Responders Mark Burrows
02:59 Learn More
Alleluia Canon Geoffrey Edwards, Philip Hayes
02:36 Learn More
Toodala Mark Weston
01:56 Learn More
There’s a Time Natalie Sleeth
03:11 Learn More
The Goat Mark Burrows
01:46 Learn More
Three Hungarian Folk Songs Geoffrey Edwards, Zoltán Kodály
03:39 Learn More
The Road Not Taken Ruth Elaine Schram
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Funga Alafia Erik Whitehill
01:54 Learn More
Folk Songs from the American West Russell Robinson
03:31 Learn More
Let’s Sing a Carol Greg Gilpin
02:25 Learn More
Bells of December Joseph M Martin
02:26 Learn More
Midwinter Snow George L.O. Strid, Mary Donnelly
02:56 Learn More
Welcome, Hanukkah! Robert Leaf
01:49 Learn More

About Us Heritage Music Press

Heritage Music Press provides comprehensive resources for K–12 music education—from elementary lesson collections to advanced high school choral repertoire. Choral arrangements in this imprint comprise a large variety of styles and voicings to help singers at all levels develop a high level of musicality. For the earliest levels of music education, Heritage Music Press provides resources that include lesson plan books, reproducible activities, Orff resources, musicals, and more. Founded in 1968, Heritage Music Press continues to resonate with educators because of a commitment to bringing music into the lives of young people in a meaningful way, encouraging a lifelong love of music.